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Logistics is an ever-evolving industry that is constantly being impacted by new technologies and advancements. As we enter 2023, it’s important for logistics professionals to stay informed on the latest trends and innovations that are shaping the future of this field. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top logistics trends […]
What is Auto Transport Auto transport is simply the process of shipping and delivering your vehicle to wherever you want it to go. This may be a destination in another state or even abroad!   Transporting vehicles is done on such large scales daily, but for the common man, you may just be planning a […]
What Is Project Cargo?     Project cargo, or project logistics, is the transportation of large, oversized, heavy duty, high value, or complex cargo. Project cargo is also commonly known as heavy lift cargo.     In the logistics industry, project cargo is considered to be one of the most complex kinds of transportation. This is because […]
How does rail freight transportation work?    Depending on what is being transported, rail freight gets moved on specialized cars. There are refrigerated cars for perishable goods, flatbed cars for aircraft or automobile parts, and intermodal shipping containers as well.  How much freight is moved by rail?    In 2019, 28% of US freight movement […]
What is freight consolidation?  Freight consolidation is a shipping method in which a consolidator combines multiple individual LCL shipments from different shippers into one full container shipment. Shippers will be able to obtain a much better shipping rate. When the full container shipment arrives at its destination, it is deconsolidated into individual LCL shipments.   […]
Freight pickup services can assist you in transporting your cargo from your warehouse to the shipping docks, and can help your customers receive their shipments with the least amount of damage, and within a reasonable time frame.    Who Charges the Freight Pickup Fee?    Freight forwarders or the forwarding agent/company will be responsible for […]
It is common for people to assume that the truck and trailer are always together as one package, but it is possible that the truck and trailer are owned and operated by different carriers.  You can consider these as separate assets that 3PL providers can create unique shipping solutions from them.    This type of […]
What are Shipping Surcharges? Shipping surcharges are typically charged by private carriers when you ship an item and come in a variety of different forms. A more simple explanation to shipping surcharge is that it’s a fee tacked onto your shipment due to certain factors like an oversized package or weekend delivery. These different factors […]
What are Freight Forwarders? A “freight forwarder” or “forwarder” or “forwarding agent” works as an important cog in the global supply chain. They range from an individual to a small company to massive enterprises, and their main service is to organize and transport goods from one destination to another.  Freight forwarders work as professionals in […]