The Basics of Project Cargo Logistics

What Is Project Cargo?  


Project cargo, or project logistics, is the transportation of large, oversized, heavy duty, high value, or complex cargo. Project cargo is also commonly known as heavy lift cargo.  


In the logistics industry, project cargo is considered to be one of the most complex kinds of transportation. This is because project logistics need attention to detail and thorough planning. And with obstacles like time constraints, strict delivery deadlines, and safety requirements, it’s no wonder that project cargo involves a complicated pre-planning process. That’s actually where the name “project cargo logistics” comes from, as taking on a project cargo shipment is a large undertaking, and the operation is a big project. 


Similar to other types of cargo shipping, project logistics can consist of single or multiple shipments over land, sea, or air; it all depends on the volume of cargo. 


What Are the Industries That Use Project Logistics? 


Oil, gas, wind power, engineering, mining, and construction are some of the industries that heavily rely on project logistics. Some more specific industries include: renewable energy, power plants, aerospace, military defense, etc. 


The aforementioned industries (and some others!) all need large infrastructure and large instruments to succeed, and they receive their equipment and supplies through project logistics. Massive structures and large engineered projects are being transported from multiple origins to where these industries require them. 


What Needs to Be Pre-Planned for Project Cargo Logistics? 


Pre-planning is an important step in all facets of freight forwarding, and is done so in order to avoid extra unforeseen costs for transportation, duties, and taxes. Here’s what’s needed before project cargo transportation can even begin.  

  • Sufficient Research 


Each country has different regulations regarding customs clearance, required documentation, taxes, duties, etc. It’s incredibly important to understand specific rules and regulations of the country that hosts the cargo destination. 


But the process of project cargo logistics is incredibly complicated, so it’s best to work with experts of the field. During the pre-planning stage, it’s also important to do research on companies that offer project cargo services, and ask for quotes from the most reputable and experienced companies. 

  • Working With Project Cargo Services 


Project cargo experts can take care of everything for you! Working with the right partner can alleviate unnecessary stress, and project cargo services will make sure that your shipment doesn’t encounter any issues when being transported. Just make sure that the project cargo specialists have experience and know what they’re doing.

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