Customs & Cross Border Shipping

Customs Documentation

Canada and US Customs require all shipments to be pre-cleared prior to departure. Send all required customs documents as soon as possible to:


(Reference the tracking number in the subject line)

Fax: 909-895-7579

(Reference the tracking number on the fax cover page)


Falcon is your worry-free shipping partner for shipping commercial goods between the USA and Canada – from a single pallet to a full truckload. Follow this guide to get started shipping cross-border today!

Step 1: Ger pricing for your shipment

Step 2: Book your shipment.

Step 3: Assemble all necessary customs documentation.

Step 4: Contact your customs broker to notify them about your upcoming shipment.

Step 5: Ensure that both your carrier and your customs broker have a copy of all necessary customs documents

Step 6: Keep up to date on the progress of your shipment.