Warehousing Services


Falcon brings you value-added logistics srevices:

Logistics Planning and Advistory

  1. Providing personalized logistics solutions;
  2. Providing logistic advisory, case study, assessment and redesign of logistics solutions;
  3. Providing integrated logistics services including logistics in specific areas, single-path logistics and particular-path transport.
  4. Providing feasibility assessments for various transport modes; all schemes from single-point-to-multiple-destination/ multiple-point-to-single-destination.

Fast delivery and risk reduction

With integrated logistics planning services, transport costs are reduced, inventory pressure is lessened, storage costs are decreased, the cost of customs and packaging are cut down, the delivery time shortened and the work flow streamlined. Maximum profit is achieved in this way.

Management of Supply Chain

Falcon offers comprehensive management of supply chains, from the purchase of raw material to the management, packaging, sorting, storage, transit and distribution of finished products, the establishment and maintenance of marketing channels, management and maintenance of customer relations and information feedback.

Imports and Exports by Sea and Air

Falcon can handle differing volumes of imports and exports by sea or air all over the world. Services include FCL and LCL, booking, customs and shipping. Types of containers: Falcon can meet all transport demands, including dry cargo containers, high-dimensional containers, temperature containers, open containers or flat rack folding containers.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our Warehousing & Distribution service includes in-warehouse management, inventory management, out-warehouse management and statements feedback. An advanced warehouse distribution system can manage the information of in and out cargo and logistics activities effectively. Customers can check the status of their inventories online in a timely fashion. Distribution: providing fast, timely and efficient distribution and integrated logistic services including information service and value-added service (sorting, processing, packaging and labeling).

Land & Rail Transport

Falcon will transport your cargo by land in the most efficient way and at the most competitive price. While saving your time and money, Falcon offers customized services and provides agreement or non-agreement transport routes that are tailor-made to clients’ needs.

Cargo Visibility

Track and Trace System offers end-to-end visibility of your cargo.

Special Products or Cargo (Overweight, large-size, sensitive cargo) Transport

Document Provision

After the ship leaves the port, Falcon will take the initiative to offer you the freight documents in the most expeditious manner.