Falcon is currently partnering with over hundreds of Trucking Carriers and has over 100 high-volume lane combinations and capabilities to ship your LTL freight throughout the USA – give us a try and you’ll quickly get a sense of what it’s like to work with us. You’ll also benefit from many of the additional LTL services we make available like lift-gate/tailgate for pickup and delivery, curbside delivery, pickup and delivery appointments, standard base rate cargo insurance (with optional full risk cargo insurance), and expert coordination of the customs process for shipments moving between the US and Canada and Mexico.

Wholesale distribution executives looking to cut costs and streamline their operations should consider an FTL (Full Truckload) shipping provider.

Why Ship LTL?

According to Modern Distribution Management, the cost of transporting freight by LTL is half the cost of transporting by standard ground parcel, and one third of the cost of shipping overnight by air. In light of this, it might be worth re-evaluating whether your current shipping needs can be met by an LTL shipping provider.

What is LTL? (Less-Than-Truckload)?

LTL shipping (sometimes called pallet shipping) is a method of over the road transportation where freight from various shippers is consolidated with freight headed to the same general area with the goal to maximize the capacity of the trailer, thus passing on cost savings to customers.

Is LTL for you?

Shipments that are good candidates for LTL service typically weigh between 150 and 20,000 lbs.

For many distributors, shifting the mindset from “when the product needs to be shipped by” to “when the product needs to arrive by” will open up more options with regards to shipping and this extra bit of future planning can allow LTL shipping to be a contender in the regular distribution plan.

One of the biggest benefits of LTL shipping is the availability of a regular schedule. At Falcon, for example, if an order is placed before 2 pm local time, it will generally be picked up that very same day and will be scheduled to load on the next available truck. Many LTL companies have regular departures weekly, thus allowing more accurate planning for shipment arrivals. When considering long-haul deliveries traveling late in the week (Thursday or Friday), trucking companies like Falcon excel and can typically deliver early the very next week – something that is comparable, if not better than a standard parcel service or a bus freight service. (Have a look at our recent blog post about Scheduling a Freight Pickup to help ensure you get even better service from your LTL company).

Ready to get started with LTL shipping? Contact us for more information about LTL freight, or shipping within USA.